Monday, April 2, 2012


April 2, 2012

Believer says: Hi Lord it’s me, one of your believers.

Listen, we are getting older and things are getting bad here.

Gas prices are too high, no jobs, food, and heating costs too high. I know some have taken you out of our schools, government and even Christmas, but Lord I'm asking you to come back and re-bless America.

We really need you!

There are more of us who want you than those who don't!

Thank You Lord,

I Love you.

Here’s what the Lord’s response to the believer might be like:

Lord: Hi Believer, Lord here!

Just so you know, I LOVE YOU TOO!

But here’s my concern and the issue I’m having. To tell the truth, I am afraid. I am afraid to return on account of what happened on my last visit. I’m sure you heard by now. But if you don’t know, just believe that it wasn’t pleasant. I was beaten, ridiculed and strung up by my hands and feet with nails on a wooden cross and I’m still hurting; I’m not hurting on the outside, I’m hurt on the inside. Even though I rose again on the third day, people on Earth are just too damn cruel; especially to each other. Have you notice how you treat those who are disabled, both mentally and/or physically? Let me not forget the Haitians.

I asked our Father (who art in heaven) to forgive them but now I see that it was pointless. I see the state of the Earth right now and it makes me sad. The Trayon/Martin killing makes me mad! It was pointless 2000 years ago when I said, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do". And even though ignorance is bliss, and time has passed, I didn’t deserve how I was treated.

However, I hear ya on the gas prices, food issues and heating cost, but understand one thing, that’s all your doing. Recognize that, “Whatever you're not changing, you're choosing. When it becomes more difficult to suffer than will change.” The issue of taking my teachings out of schools, government and even Christmas is also your doing. When I say “your” I don’t mean you personally, I mean the lot of you, collectively together.

Re-bless America my ass! She’s sexy but too damn greedy and power hungry. I may have been able to walk on water but I can’t match her powers. She don’t care about the people, she’s all about them dollars, like a striper on a pole in one of those strip clubs. I am touched that you would call out to me personally, but I am afraid my hands are tied with this one and I can’t help you. Keep praying! Sorry if this isn't the answer you wanted to hear, but it’s the only advice I can give, at the moment.

Here’s another thing. You say, “We are getting older and things are getting bad here.” But as you get older, the only reason why things are bad is because you haven’t gotten wiser. Again, I don’t mean you personally; I mean the lot of you, collectively together. An eye for an eye is still your motto. (Btw…that song “Motto” by Drake rocks though. I’m jamming to it right now! Lol!)

Speaking of all of you, collectively together, I like religious people and admire their beliefs because I was once where they are today, so I can’t criticize anyone for where they are at in their religious upbringing. No disrespect to anyone’s belief or religious practice but Religion itself, in my opinion, is just like high school; many people attend, some graduate, a few fail or drop out but not too many go on from there. Try being more spiritual! Stop being so closed minded to new possibilities.

If you care to and are still reading this (with an open-minded, of course!) read more on Iggy’s blog. Oh and btw, I look completely different than how you may remember, but just know that I am more surprised than you may think; especially whenever I look at myself in the mirror. His link:

Believer: The 1st paragraph is all I read and I stopped right there, Lord. How can you be afraid if you rose from the dead? I’m afraid. I’m afraid to keep reading what else u said..cuz i mite get mad. Ijs...

Believer: Anyway, what do you mean about forgiving them? I don’t get it! I don’t get why you would say it was pointless. I’m not reading anymore. SORRY BUT THAT’S JUS ME.

Lord: Believer, here's what you should know and also take this into consideration. If you're too mad to do that, I understand. Still, it may inspire you in more ways than one. It may inspire others too, those whose skin color is opposite of mine. It's a poem by poet, Runett Nia Ebo and it's called...

Lord, Lord, Why Did You Make Me Black? http//

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