Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Ins & Out of Buying a Used Car

Pro-Auto Search, LLC began after a young lady was in a car accident and was left without transportation for work and college. She turned to Iggy, for help and advice. Our Mission: To search and quickly find a used vehicle with the highest quality, obtain a bottom line best purchase price and negotiate a hassle-free experience for our clients.

From his car buying expertise, CEO& Founder, Igomene “Iggy” Joseph sprang into action. He searched far and wide until finally landing a car they both agreed was both mechanically sound and visually pleasing. In the end, the client only paid $2,000 for a 2002 Mazda Millennia that was in immaculate condition from a “private owner”. Iggy negotiated a $500 dollar saving and she was very pleased.

The following week, a similar scenario occurred when a fellow college student of my client car broke down. He, too, turned to Iggy for consultation. In the end, he purchased a quality 2003, Ford Taurus that he paid only $3,200 from a seller who wanted $3,600 originally, saving the client $400. To benefit our clients, cost for our reasonably package service is a flat fee of $100 due upfront (refundable within 2wks) and another $100 due at the time of vehicle purchase or at the end of $30 days. Our great services includes:

* Driving and finding cars through various sources and networks.
* Providing photos and specification on vehicles preference.
* Negotiating lower prices from car owners and dealers.
* Obtaining valuable information.
* Arranging to convienately meet or provide pick up service.
* Assist with getting tag, title, and car registration (if necessary)
* Test driving and inspecting the vehicle “mechanically” for issues.
* Being a Car Buying Companion to anyone not comfortable with the car buying process.
* Helping you get the most for your current vehicle, even if you need help finding a buyer.

Let us do the leg work. We don’t want you buying a car that could very well turn out to be a “lemon,” leaving you with a sour taste in your mouth.

Customer Reference Statments

"I needed a vehicle, but wanted to avoid all the hassle of dealing with a dealer or the salespeople. A co-worker mentioned that going through an agent could be very helpful. Pro-Auto Search, LLC met every expectation and more. I wanted to purchase a vehicle within a short period of time, decent pricing with little involvement with the “sharks”.

Iggy met with me and helped me find an exceptional deal within a week. This is the only way to buy a car with a sense of security. The experience was everything I hoped for and I cannot recommend the company highly enough. Iggy was super."
Carolyn W., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida