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The Water Bottle Example for Mental Illnesses

Water Bottle “Metaphor” for Mental Illnesses
By Igomene Joseph, 12-2011 ~

This information is basically a Water Bottle Hypothesis for Mental Illnesses

Excerpt from An Angel’s Testimony
By Igomene “Iggy” Joseph

All mental illnesses from Borderline Personality Disorder, Eating Disorders, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD, ADD), Autism Spectrum Disorders, Asperger syndrome, and even issues related to Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Schizophrenia can possibly be explained by my Water Bottle hypothesis.

When it comes humanity, there are two types of human beings that co-exist in a fish bowl like reality. Whether you are Hispanic or Asian, young or old, male or female, Black or White, Democrat or Republican, Christian or not, the first type “A” are those that are considered normal. In my theory, this is also referred to as “cap on”. The second type B, (“cap off”) may or may not view themselves as being “mentally ill”, but they are labeled as such, once their condition is categorized by a medical professional. Exceptions apply.

Think of the plastic container filled with water as our bodies and the cap on the bottle as the brain or head. Place both bottle type A and B in in that bowl. Once the cap of type "B" begins to open or is off like an imaginary scale of 1-10, a “mentally ill” person is said to be, no longer “normal”. This reason many are called “crazy” or “out of their minds” for sharing their awareness. This however is the merging of conscious with in us with the consciousness in and around us. Truth is that many are actually metaphorically “awakened” or “enlightened” by their experiences.

Encoded in our cellular DNA, molecules in the body randomly contain the essence (or memory) of what we are consciously; the visible spirit of life in various materialistic forms. Symbolic of a bottle filled with water being submerged in the ocean, each of us are mostly made of water. In fact, according to Dr. Jeffrey Utz, Neuroscience, pediatrics, at Allegheny University, “Different people have different percentages of their bodies made up of water. Babies have the most, being born at about 78 percent. By one year of age, that amount drops to about 65 percent. In adult men, about 60 percent of their bodies are water.”

Through evolution, Stewart E. Nevins M.S. states that starting from the sea, “For a period of at least 1 billion years the ocean has remained at roughly constant salinity while the single-celled creatures evolved [and divided] into mollusks, fish, reptiles, mammals, and finally man.” Merged with the ‘contents of the ocean’, an enlightened or Schizophrenic person is universally aware that he/she is no longer separated by the cap of the plastic bottle and recognizes that they were once a part of the ocean waters, itself. Joseph Campbell said it best, "Schizophrenics are drowning in the same waters that mystics swim with delight."

Now consciously divided but still apart of their environment, type "B" realizes that living in the same reality, they have a different perspective on life but the same biological property as that of being one with the ocean, you and me as well as animals and plants.

Once this occurs, the person affected is said to be “delusional” or “psychotic” as the body and the people around attempts to adjust. The biological properties that is in everything and everyone is so chemically exact that some of those whose caps were opened through drug and alcohol abuse or meditative Chakras of the body or various other means may believe that they were once another person, such as Jesus, in another lifetime.

In fact, some children are born where the “cap” never closes and so they are called savants. Savant syndrome sometimes referred to as savant-ism. In an article from Wikipedia, it states that Savant syndrome is “a rare condition in which people with ‘developmental disorders’ have one or more areas of expertise, ability, or brilliance that are in contrast with the individual's overall limitations. Though it is even rarer than the savant condition itself, some savants have no apparent abnormalities other than their unique abilities.” It further addresses how, “This does not mean that these abilities weren't triggered by a ‘brain dysfunction of some sort.’ However, it does temper the theory that all savants are disabled and that some sort of trade-off is required.” Alternative to savants, some individuals also experience symptoms of Schizophrenia, a complex mental disorder that makes it difficult to:

. Tell the difference between real and unreal experiences
. Think logically or have normal emotional responses
. Behave normally in social situations

Be aware that some caps are opened through stress, drugs or traumatic experiences. Some are opened through old age dementia, or near-death experiences Some are also opened for no known reason at all. Some are even opened through sexual or religious experiences or rituals. On the other hand, even with lower degree of illness, some are never opened, so they may judge or stigmatize the experiences of those who have with dread and/or discriminating actions. Once upon a time, these same experiences were viewed as a form of witchcraft or a display of psychic abilities. Still today, it may be labeled as having a “demonic spirit” or brain chemistry imbalance. In fact, some science-fiction films like The *Matrix seem to explain it better. Several authors have written about this concept in literary works such as The Bible, Conversations with God, A Course in Miracles, One Day My Soul (i.e. cap) Just Opened Up, The Mutant Message, etc.

Through documented recordings, some *Agents of our population have created a “Psychiatric Bible” called, the DSM. Their book, The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Dis-orders outlines the experiences of mental illness and is published by the American Psychiatric Association. This resource provides a common language and standard criteria for the classification of mental disorders. It is used in the United States of America and in varying degrees around the world by clinicians, researchers, psychiatric drug regulation agencies, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and policy makers.

Researchers at the Max Plank Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, the Shanghai branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Cambridge University published a study in the journal Genome Biology. It went on to provide further evidence that the evolution of human cognitive abilities was accompanied by adaptive changes in brain metabolism. It states that by, “potentially pushing the human brain to the limit of its metabolic capabilities, results support the theory that schizophrenia is a consequence of human brain evolution.” Their findings scientifically support my WB Theory but after contacting the researchers, they refuse to support the concept.


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© 2012, Igomene Joseph
Self publishing

Iggy is an inspirational writer and a Mental Health Advocate. He prefers to see himself and his peers affected by any form of mental illness as Pioneers. ‘P’ion’eers’ are defined as “a person or group that is the first to use or apply a new method, area of knowledge, or activity.” This includes recognizing and waking up to the Matrix of Life on Earth.

He asks that his peers begin seeing themselves as Pioneers as a testimony to what they have and will accomplished through their own mental health discoveries and struggles. Adding 3 letters of hope into the word peer, “It’s the more ‘ion’ thing to do!” he says.

Like most Aquarians who aim to free themselves of personal and social conditioning, Iggy is a seeker of inspirational wisdom and insight. He is also a true humanitarian and a promoter of our divine inheritance of grace as perfect angelic beings.

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Spirituality can be a powerful tool...

Spirituality can be a powerful tool to inspire hope, create motivation, and promote healing. Many persons from diverse, multicultural communities utilize spiritual and/or faith-based organizations as a source of social support and hope in their healing process.
Spirituality is an essential part of how people understand themselves and their world; it is not something separate. Some people experience altered states of being with a spiritual component that can support the journey of recovery. For some, this can be a life-changing event. Often this spiritual component is ignored, labeled, or confused with delusions or other symptoms.

Spirituality and religion can be important components of recovery, and they have too often been overlooked, minimized, and many times labeled as pathology, leaving consumers with little hope for themselves and their futures. We acknowledge that there are numerous barriers – including political, legal, and cultural -- between the public mental health system and spirituality/religion which need to be addressed thoughtfully, systematically, and with great care.

Faith communities and spirituality can be a source of coping and social support for those struggling with the impact of mental health issues: poverty, homelessness, loss of meaning and purpose, stigma, isolation, etc. We also understand that some individuals and families have experienced traumatic interactions with religious communities. In these instances, it is important to provide a safe environment for talking about these experiences in an open and accepting way.

Spirituality is a core value of multicultural sensitivity, which asks practitioners in the mental health care system to be able to understand different worldviews. By integrating spirituality and multicultural factors into treatment, a greater appreciation for the “whole person” is emerging in the mental health field. Understanding spirituality as an element in mental health recovery brings us closer to dealing with the whole person. We know that physical health can influence an individual’s mental health. The same is true for spirituality.

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High School (Religion) vs College (Spirituality)

“Whatever you're not changing, you're choosing. When it becomes more difficult to suffer than will change.” Wish more people would/could get that! Wish more people would get that in regards to their religious beliefs and graduate to another level understanding, patience and tolerance.

I like religious people and their beliefs because I was once where they are today, so I can’t criticize anyone for where they are at. No disrespect to anyone’s belief or religious practice but Religion, in my opinion, is just like high school; many people attend, some graduate, a few fail or drop out but not too many go on from there. I know because I went there too. As a society, it’s as if we are stuck in the 12th grade level of learning by repeating the same old belief about God or the Devil. We hear the same old teachers from the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN), “preaching” the same old messages, from the same old book, only with newer editions and stylish interpreters. Then it’s the dedicated Sunday morning graduates (or the undergraduates) who think they know it all by their viewpoints and indirect judgments. They know all about life and all about their God! They know what’s gonna happen to the “sinners” as well as the “believers”. Then they try and teach their children and their children’s children, the same 12th grade level stuff about Heaven, Hell and a fearful God but with little to no substance or value. Thanks Neale for the substance and value of CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD!

In my view, it is 'spiritual professors like Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dalai Lama, Miguel Ruiz, Gary Zukav, Iyanla Vanzant, Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Ram Dass, Kim Eng, Wayne Dyer, Les Brown, and others like them who has to take humanity into the next stage of ‘religious studies.’ They will help more of us in recognizing another perspective about Life, God and Spirituality, which will reduce differences we have argued over for centuries. Their goal will be to help humanity finish what humanity started in ‘Religious High School’ so that most of humanity can graduate and move into ‘Spirituality College.’ Ijs…