Monday, August 19, 2013


Emotional Creatures

To be human, is to be the kind of creature that experiences emotions—tranquility, rage, happiness, fear, joy, sadness, etc. Each of us trapped by our very existence are destined to feel and express reactions to our internal and external world. These emotions are expressions of energy; energy+motion=emotion. These expressions are quite literally energy in motion. We emote our reactions in various ways telling the story of how we feel or are experiencing our innermost thoughts or our external environment. It is magical in my opinion that we are able to feel these sensations and communicate consciously and subconsciously these feelings to others. Emotion is communicated in out posture, eyes, voice and movement. This knowing of emotions is one level of existence. There is another spiritual level that reveals the connection between humanity. We are souls in human bodies and we create an etheric or energetic field that influences each other. Emotions are catching like the flu---contagious. We can up lift each other. Some of us are on different planes of enlightenment.

Earth can be seen as a school to teach us about our existence and more importantly how to care for each other, We are animated beings broadcasting our feelings. This is by design. Surely, it is not an accident. Some remember their origins in a Christian sense learning lessons on how to love God. Others remember their origins in a Zen Buddhist sense looking for meditation and serenity. We came in existence to feel these emotions because they spur us to act and respond. They are our motivators. It all makes sense no matter what lens you choose to view our energetic nature of emotions through. Some of us are tapped into what society calls normal and others of us are cracked open and see things differently. Different souls have different missions but I believe we all share one mission and that is love. Love for each other, love for earth, love for a higher power and love of humanity. 

Society tends to label those of us that are cracked open as mentally ill as we do not follow the path of the many. In some cultures mental illness is a spiritual crisis that emerging souls go through to become healers in their community. You could call it an awakening or enlightenment  It is an understanding that there exists a realm outside of the material realm we live in. Awakening to this higher realm, an individual starts to search for meaning. I assert that many labeled mentally ill by society are just going through a spiritual awakening and that it is a natural evolutionary process of maturation of the individual. This enlightenment or state of knowing could be called heaven or nirvana. It is a state of mind.

From my favorite author and the (forthcoming) book "What God Said," by Neale Donald Walsch it states:

We are here on Earth, Conversations with God suggests, to do more than just live and die and make the best of the experience. We are also here to do more than simply find a way to “get back to heaven”—or, at least, avoid going to hell. Those are simplistic views of the reason and purpose for human existence. We are here to advance a larger agenda. We are here to move forward an eternal evolutionary process through which each individual Soul (and everything in existence) experiences its True Identity fully, and by which Life Itself, through its individuated expressions, expands awareness of itself, thereby reflecting the wonder of its ultimate and true nature.