Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Change isn't pretty, it's just necessary!

For those stuck in (or going through) the 

process... Hang in there! You are shedding 

the old you.

The Story of Bottled Water

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For those stuck in (or going through) the process... Hang in there! You are shedding the old you heart emoticon

Story of Stuff (2007, OFFICIAL Version)


Sunday, November 15, 2015

“Who Keeps Earth Healthy? Or What Sustains Earth?” Title from Lalaine. Article by Igomene Joseph (11/15/15)

So you hate landfills, do ya? Think them as smelly and unsightly, eh? Using landfills as a metaphor, allow me to reveal to you, what was revealed to me about what constitutes a "landfill," in the human experience. What make up a landfill in the human experience are those we label as "mentally ill.” Something just like a sickening landfill, only someone we regard as having a "mental disorder.” A disorder/disease is something that makes us feel uneasy and unhealthy, correct? Think of every person experiencing mental health crisis as landfills big and small, and they are being filled toxic ideas and beliefs, which in turn makes them sick, but they are “sick” only for you to notice and make the necessary changes, before it's too late.

Each landfill that we see in our villages, towns, etc., represents a person, a family member, a friend and even a homeless person and each one is being filled (or already filled) emotionally with biochemical waste and hazards that affects them and the planet. In the human sense, this would be anything from lies, betrayal, or insults to larger issues to terrorist attacks all around the globe. The funny thing about “landfills,” of the human sort, is we are creating them! In other words, we all are creating people with medically emotional problems, calling them ill, and then stigmatizing them; ostracizing them; incarcerating them; shooting them, and even seeing them as ‘smelly and unsightly!’

The only reason why we have landfills is because everyone is improperly disposing of “waste,” which isn’t waste at all, but organic nutrients for another organism, namely earth. For example, each week I save up all the “organic waste”—banana peels, apple cores, leftovers, etc.--that I don’t eat or that is spoiled. I save it in plastic bowl inside my refrigerator, and when this bowl is full, I go in my backyard, grab my handy shovel, and I “feed” the earth my organic waste. (You'd be surprised to know that earth loves organic waste!) I do this to NOT place what waste in the garbage bin, which tends to attract flies and actually does smell. Also, in doing this I only place my bin out once every two weeks, while everyone does so more frequently. I do this to also keep it from helping to create another “landfill.” See where I’m going with this analogy?

             The mentally ill are “mental” because they are human version of 'landfills,' toxic indeed, but explaining to us that we are doing damage to planet and the more damage we do to it, the more it’s going to “protect” itself! Recycle usable things, pick up litter and trash, care for the planet, and she will stop producing the so called, “mentally ill.” The mentally ill are “ill” simply because we all have contributed to their “dis-ease,” a universal illness that speaks to us by F.A.T.E.—From All Thoughts Everywhere—saying that as a whole, we humans are doing something destructive to ourselves. Quoting Jiddu Krishnamurti, “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” See the point? Probably not.

           Either way, in conclusion I'm the "landfill," explaining to you how I got this way. Study how actual landfills are formed, and if you are 'ill or sick,' think of how you got to be who you are, take a look at others that you know, make the comparison and see it for yourself. What the society labelled as "mentally ills" are actually contributors of health of human race, who are affected as "warnings."

           A mutual friend whom I had the pleasure of sharing this thought said: “Yes... we are warnings, and our number grows year by year... the humanity is ill. And it's their mistake that they reject us when we need help, tomorrow they will be those "dirty homeless"...

          Another friend said,
It is an apt analogy. Those who exist on the mental fringe, those with a more prominent, energetically sensitive inner life, are often able to see and feel how the collective treats its own feelings, which is with dismissal and harmful ignorance in large part. I would add to your idea, in that landfills are filled with misguided creations, single-use product packaging, toxic waste, and that this correlates to the misguided words and actions people create as a result of ignoring and dismissing their true feelings. When you ignore your true feelings, you fall out of alignment with self. That is the point at which negativity usually arises, when we forget what really resonates with us and feeds our soul. But it is not until we truly connect with, and internalize, negativity, that we reach a deeper level of "lost", one that takes a more difficult and painful awakening to heal. The challenge of the seer and sensitive is to feel the feelings of the collective, without feeding them, and without falling out of alignment with one's own vibrational resonance.”