Thursday, March 28, 2013

"All great truths begin as blasphemies." - George Bernard Shaw said that.

When your stomach rumbles from hunger you listen. If i were a more common language, would you listen and understand me better? -Schizophrenia

Psychologist ask the most profound questions regarding Schizophrenia and language, ever. "First, is it truly a disorder of thought or one of language? Second, is it characterized by problems in
the content or the form of speech or both? Third, is it unique to schizophrenia? Fourth, how has it been classified and studied?"


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Angry man discovers cure for Schizophrenia. Claims it's a language.

"All great truths begin as blasphemies." - George Bernard Shaw said that.

Strange as this may sound to you. In my non-professional opinion, but as a Certified Peer Specialist, I can tell you that from personal lived experience Schizophrenia is the result of a language communication. This language is like no other, yet that's exactly what it is. Schizophrenia, the language, comes through us in all linguistic flavors, English, Spanish, Chinese, French, etc!!! That is why in no matter what country or language a person speaks, Schizophrenia is present! This is also why so many Schizophrenics who are speaking Schizophrenia don't see themselves as "ill." They may not see themselves as speaking "Schizophrenia" as I clearly do but they certainly don't see themselves as sick either, after all you can't medicate a language. Like Arabic to Arabs, our best bet is understanding it.

Form those seeing it as a disease, the "professionals" have a name for this called, Anosognosia. This, they say, from their perspective, is a lack of awareness which a person "suffering" seems unaware of (or denies) the existence of his or her condition... Psychiatry sees this as a sign of ignorance on the part of the peer. As a language, this is also why many are resistant to psychiatric medications. This language also presents itself under the guise of Bi-polar and Schizo-effective disorders. Under the right situations, this language can be understood. That is the best form of "cure." Just like anyone wanting to understand a foreign language, you just need the best translator.

From Randy, a Friend from Facebook: Imogene, I've seen you refer to Schizophrenia as a language many times, but have not thought much about what this would mean or imply.

My understanding is that the purpose of language is to facilitate communication between people who otherwise would be unable to communicate with, at least verbally or very easily. So are you saying that this is a sort of private or 1-way language? How does another person know if they are translating this "language" properly? With known, existing languages, like foreign languages, the language is something that exists and can be articulated outside of any language user. Is that true of the language of Schizophrenia? In other words, if I sent you a transcript from someone with Schizophrenia who you don't know and know nothing about, could you translate it, not matter how bizzare-sounding it might seem?

Are you proposing something similar to being able to interpret dreams, as if dreams had their own language? Not sure there's ever been any consensus that there is an actual language of dreams (e.g. universal symbols), but his has been claimed at various times.

My reply: Always, Randy, noticing and asking the best and brilliant questions! This, my astute friend, would mean that our medical professionals have incomplete data. This would mean that our religious doctrines have incomplete data. This also means that as incomplete, both halves of the "coin" -religion and science- would have to begin sharing notes and playing nice with each other. lol.

The implication! Aah yes that. The implication is that once understand completely, anyone with Schizophrenia-like symptoms can be healed, cured, and/or understood, despite appearances and beliefs.

Your understanding of language is partially complete. If you presume that communication such as this only takes place between humans. WRONG!!! By that notion, my friend, you insult other species such as insects, plants, animals, and even Earth. Oh yes,I said, Earth too. If you think Mother Earth doesn't communicate, think again.

To your #1 question. No, not private at all. Just subtle!

#2- many don't know it, there in lye the issue; all they sense a change. On the other hand many do, not initially though. Doing so "properly" is more or less irrelevant. Enter the Schizophrenics. They are trying but don't have the right tools at their disposal. MEDICATION CERTAINLY ISN'T IT!!! Now mystics, well you know what Joseph Campbell said about Mystics versus Schizophrenics, don't you?

#3-Yes, You'd have to put away any preconceived ideas about communication aside first to get it. Then explore works by Neale Donald Walsch, Helen Schuman, Debbie Ford, Iyanla vanzant, Gary Zukaz, James Redfield, Maryann Williamson, Paramahansa Yogonanda,these are some of my favorites but there are so many more.

#4-True? Yes!!! Proven...pending. Explore the works by psychologist, Gina Kuperberg. She’s the closest 'professional ' on the case to date. Sending "transcript" to me is helpful but again irrelevant. Let's compare that to the art of a child and one seasoned artist shall we. The artist has developed their skills and honed her craft. Your friend, though appearing as an adult, has child-like comprehension of art. It's as if he's drawing stick figure houses, trees and animals while an artist does 3D drawings. You follow?

(No offense to your friend by the way.)

#5-Dreams? Dreams are of shoots of the same ability just in a different context. Think theirs a fine line between psychics that read dreams and physics that read metaphysical for no reason? In either physics or psychics, add or take away the "C" in either words and see things clearer. It helps to remove the vial. How bout psychotics and psychics? Take "OT" out of psychotics and what's left? It's like having or not having an extra chromosomes cell. Are you following me?

#6- Census? Sure there is. What do you think the APA and DSM manuals are? That's recorded accurate census of who speaks it, what age, etc. They don't label them the "Psychiatric Bible" for no reason. Just like we have the Holy Scripture written by Matthew, Luke, John etc, doesn't mean that the APA and The DSM, which was complied in a similar manner, by similar Schizophrenics, isn't less important. MAYBE MORE SO, time will tell. Back in those days they where referred to as heretics (or heiratics). "The Hieratic script was invented and developed more or less at the same time as the hieroglyphic script and was used in parallel with it for everyday purposes such as keeping records and accounts and writing letters. It was used until the 26th Dynasty, though by that time, it was only used for religious texts, while the Demotic script was used for most other purposes." (Google)

Notice Demotic script was used too, and yet that term "demotic" is very close to "demonic". In most cases today, from a more religious notion, what do they call Schizophrenics, and as a clue it ain't demotic? I'd say your friend was a modern day heiratic.

I've said too much but love the questions and the opportunity to explain. My book, "Schizophrenia, God & Language" will be out soon. To order the $5 manuscript, shipping price not included, let me know. I'll be setting up a website where you (and my other peers) can do so or you can wait until it's published.

Randy  Imogene, thanks. There's a lot here and I will be interested to see your book.

Just to clarify - I don't assume that language is only something humans have. I know that some animals probably have non-verbal or verbal forms of communication.

If Schizophrenia is like speaking a foreign language, surrounded mostly by people who don't speak it, I wonder if there are others who do speak and understand it. By analogy, if someone speaks only Chinese lives in the U.S. they will have trouble communicating with those around them, but there are certainly lots of Chinese speakers elsewhere, particularly in China. Is the language of each person with Schizophrenia different or is it truly a language spoken and understood by many others, like Chinese, English, Spanish or Sign-language?

Igomene Joseph Video evidence of young Schizophrenics speaking Schizophrenia. Enjoy the conversations.

Randy *Maybe you could make a case to provide translators for those who speak this language primarily as a reasonable accommodation. Could ask Diane. *

Igomene Joseph Why don't you? If You get the gist of my point then how bout you and I work on that together? Like I said, you my friend are very astute when it comes to getting the better answers from me. You have a way of getting directly to the issue and presenting questions that get to the "heart" of the matter.
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Randy Thanks, will look at it. I wouldn't pursue the accommodation thing because I'm still not convinced about your theory but am open to it. Even if true, would probably have to show that the person couldn't communicate in English.

Igomene Joseph Elaborate on this please: "Even if true, would probably have to show that the person couldn't communicate in English."

Randy Would be no need for a translator as an accommodation if they could communicate in English as well as in Schizophrenia (or whatever you are calling the language those dx with Schizophrenia).

Igomene Joseph Those who speak are called Schizophrenics. I have a celebrity who's my best example. She played Lisa, on a TV show call "Save By The Bell."


"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." --Maya Angelou

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Letter from the NRA to the Parents of the Next Children to Die

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am so sorry that you lost your (son/daughter), among many other children, in a school shooting today.  I understand that he or she was the apple of your eye, the love of your life, your everything, your reason for existence, yada, yada, etc.  I regret that a young man who couldn’t get health care before he slipped into violent schizophrenia loaded an AR-15, a Glock 9 mm and a 12-gauge shotgun with 150 rounds of ammunition.  I feel really bad that he then drove to (Insert Name) (Elementary/Middle/High) School in (Insert Name of Typical American Town) where your child was a student.  It’s regrettable that he then stalked the halls of your child’s school with a semiautomatic assault rifle spitting dozens of rounds a minute.  I feel bad and dismayed and whatnot that your child’s liver was pulverized, his/her jaw was found in the hallway, and pieces of his/her intestines were sprayed onto the walls.  I feel totally awful that your child slowly bled to death in excruciating pain surrounded by dying classmates.  That must be tough.
I realize that you may have thought that you live in a democracy, or even a republic governed by laws. But today, we have proven that to be questionable.  The gun industry made $31.8 billion last year.  This number climbs steadily every year.  And we will stop at nothing to make sure that number continues to climb.  I am aware that 56% of Americans support an assault weapons ban.  I understand that Americans were horrified by what their culture has become when schoolchildren can be mowed down senselessly in a Connecticut elementary school.
Yes, I know that there was finally some political will to curb the epidemic of 30,000 gun deaths a year in America.  But the millions that the NRA spends in lobbying ensures that your “democratically elected Congress” can do nothing without the gun industry’s permission.  We at the NRA opened our wallet and made damn sure the entire GOP and most Democrats in red states subjugated the will of the people to the interests of corporate profit.   Because of us, the assault weapons ban bill failed in the Senate.  We made sure that corporations continue to be able to ignore the Second Amendment with impunity.  We made sure that guns will never be “well-regulated” in this country as long as they are well-profitable.
Through your grieving and whatever, I want you to understand one thing.  I realize that the child who you kissed goodbye just this morning as you dropped him/her off at school now resembles ground beef, but that is not relevant.  In the end, only one thing matters in life: profit.  No one should care that your little Billy, Janie or Joey or whatever you called it died after spraying three gallons of blood all over a 2-foot high desk this morning.
The market value of your child’s life pales in comparison to the value of millions of firearms.  This is especially true when mentally unhinged people are buying entire arsenals of weapons.  The GOP has gutted mental healthservices across the country to balance state budgets.  And we at the NRA have advertised aggressively to stoke the paranoia typical of mental illness.  For us, it doesn’t matter who buys the guns, as long as they are bought.  It doesn’t matter who dies as long as $31.8 billion grows to, say, $34.6 billion this year.  Your child, for whose funeral I’m sure you are busy preparing, was a tiny, insignificant cost compared to the billions in profit that the gun industry will make this year.
Don’t even think about trying to use this “tragedy” of the death of your son/daughter or whoever else to change laws.  Don’t even think about becoming civically engaged or trying to work with the system to improve society, curb the ongoing slaughter or regulate machines that are only designed to kill dozens of people in seconds.
You do not own this country, because you did not buy it.  We bought it.  We own your government.  You will get nothing.
I’m sure you’re sitting there, emotional because you lost your child.  But imagine how much the gun corporations would cry if they had lost some profit?  Imagine how emotional I would be if I didn’t get paid around $1 million a year to lobby for the gun manufacturers?  Look at you, sitting there, thinking only about your “child” and not about MY MONEY!  You people make me sick.
Wayne LaPierre
NRA Vice President

When We Talk To God

Schizophrenia is a language in another context. I discuss this in my upcoming book, Schizophrenia, God & Language: What Each Have in Common. Let’s call that context Ultimate Reality. In Ultimate Reality, outside the matrix, there is more awareness regarding ones perception in life. When God converses with us from there, God most often use terms consistent with our illusion of the matrix. If God always spoke to you in terms consistent with ultimate reality, there could be no conversation at all. You could not understand. It is very challenging to us when God does this even occasionally.

The difficulty is that you do not have words for most of what there is to convey in the context of Ultimate Reality, and of that for which you do have words, you do not have a context within which to place them. This is the difficulty with much spiritual and esoteric writing, including the Bible. They are attempts to convey truth about ultimate reality with limited words, taken out of context.

This is why so much spiritual writing and sacred scripture has been misinterpreted.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: The Problem With Listening

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: The Problem With Listening: THIS IS NOT A TRUE STORY just another explanation of how the medical professional and religious clerics get the "language" of me...

The Problem With Listening

THIS IS NOT A TRUE STORY just another explanation of how the medical professional and religious clerics get the "language" of mental conditions all wrong. For them to admit they gave a misdiagnosis is worse than we admitting that our scientific experts, their research and our religious theology could be wrong about the 'messages' of Schizophrenia-like experiences.

Patient walks into a doctor’s office complaining of stomach pain. He heard rumbling sounds, ignored it and complained of feeling faint and dizzy. Doctor prescribes medication for pain. Weeks later, patient returns still complaining of stomach pain, feeling week and difficulty focusing at work. Doctor tries other medications and increase the dosages for pain and tells patient to cut back on work. Nothing seemed to work on the patient who was now deemed “medication resist.” Still, the patient returned weeks and weeks over and over again with the same complaints. Noticing that the medications wasn't helpful but also causing other issues, one day the doctor simply asked the patient, have you been eating? Patient says no, I’m homeless and my pan handling job pays me next to nothing. All that I make goes to your cashier and medications you've been prescribing. 

To their amazement both realized that the problem could have been addressed if the patient simply figured out that the rumble sounds he ignored and neglected to mention was that of the homeless man being hungry and he simply needed to be feed, not medicated!

The point of this is to ask yourself are you listening to the language of certain conditions beyond what the "experts" claim? Or, are you having your doctor expose you to high dosages of medication because the symptoms and signs of what the body is actually saying just simply being ignored or misunderstood by either you or most professionals? Hmmm!