Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Problem With Listening

THIS IS NOT A TRUE STORY just another explanation of how the medical professional and religious clerics get the "language" of mental conditions all wrong. For them to admit they gave a misdiagnosis is worse than we admitting that our scientific experts, their research and our religious theology could be wrong about the 'messages' of Schizophrenia-like experiences.

Patient walks into a doctor’s office complaining of stomach pain. He heard rumbling sounds, ignored it and complained of feeling faint and dizzy. Doctor prescribes medication for pain. Weeks later, patient returns still complaining of stomach pain, feeling week and difficulty focusing at work. Doctor tries other medications and increase the dosages for pain and tells patient to cut back on work. Nothing seemed to work on the patient who was now deemed “medication resist.” Still, the patient returned weeks and weeks over and over again with the same complaints. Noticing that the medications wasn't helpful but also causing other issues, one day the doctor simply asked the patient, have you been eating? Patient says no, I’m homeless and my pan handling job pays me next to nothing. All that I make goes to your cashier and medications you've been prescribing. 

To their amazement both realized that the problem could have been addressed if the patient simply figured out that the rumble sounds he ignored and neglected to mention was that of the homeless man being hungry and he simply needed to be feed, not medicated!

The point of this is to ask yourself are you listening to the language of certain conditions beyond what the "experts" claim? Or, are you having your doctor expose you to high dosages of medication because the symptoms and signs of what the body is actually saying just simply being ignored or misunderstood by either you or most professionals? Hmmm!

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