Sunday, March 24, 2013

When We Talk To God

Schizophrenia is a language in another context. I discuss this in my upcoming book, Schizophrenia, God & Language: What Each Have in Common. Let’s call that context Ultimate Reality. In Ultimate Reality, outside the matrix, there is more awareness regarding ones perception in life. When God converses with us from there, God most often use terms consistent with our illusion of the matrix. If God always spoke to you in terms consistent with ultimate reality, there could be no conversation at all. You could not understand. It is very challenging to us when God does this even occasionally.

The difficulty is that you do not have words for most of what there is to convey in the context of Ultimate Reality, and of that for which you do have words, you do not have a context within which to place them. This is the difficulty with much spiritual and esoteric writing, including the Bible. They are attempts to convey truth about ultimate reality with limited words, taken out of context.

This is why so much spiritual writing and sacred scripture has been misinterpreted.

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