Saturday, April 7, 2012

Life in the poor lane!

So you may be asking yourself, “Why can’t I do what I really want to do with my life and still make a decent living?” Right?! Here’s how the answer from the Lord may go.

Lord: The people who make a living doing what they love are the people who insist on doing so. They don’t give up. They never give in. They dare Life not to let them do what they love. But there’s another element that must be brought up, because this is the missing element in most people’s understanding when it comes to their life’s work.

“What is that,” you might be asking? There’s a difference between being and doing, and most people have placed their priorities on the latter. Example: If you choose peace and joy and love, you won’t get much of that through what you’re doing. If you choose happiness and contentment, you’ll find little of that on the path of doingness. If you choose reunion with God, supreme knowing, deep understanding, endless compassion total awareness, absolute fulfillment, you won’t get much of that, from what you are doing. WHO ARE YOU BEING IS MOST IMPORTANT HERE.

Put it this way… if you think your life is about doingness, you don’t know what you are about. Your soul doesn’t care what you do for a living—and when your life is over, neither will you. The soul, your soul, only cares about what you are being while you’re doing whatever you do. It is a state of beingness the soul is after, not a state of doingness.

Right now, in this moment, your soul has again created an opportunity for you to be, do, and have what it takes to Know Who You Really Are and Who I Am. Your soul has brought you to the words you are reading right now—as it has brought you to words of wisdom and truth before. What will you do, now? What will you choose to be? Your soul waits, and watches with interest and delight, as it has many times before. To sum this all up, I am not concerned about your worldly success, only you are!

If this sounds a bit harsh, take it up with the Father! He produced a series of impactful books for this day and age just for you. However, you have to be willing to grow. Have you ever heard of the statement, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear"? You may be “grown up” physically, but spiritually there’s room for more. The big question now is, are you willing to? If so, go to your local library and check it out (or purchase it). Warning cuz it’s intimidating to most. It’s called, Conversations with God, by bestselling author, Neale Donald Walsch.

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