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Reviewed by, Linda E Marshall, who said “Awww yes what a beautiful testimony. It seems like God and his Holy Spirit signified by the white dove as also visited Jesus is speaking to you or claiming you to His kingdom. Luke_3:22 And the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon him, and a voice came from heaven, which said, Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased. And a reference about Noah sending the dove out twice and this time... Gen_8:12 And he stayed yet other seven days; and sent forth the dove; which returned not again unto him anymore.”

DOVE TALE |By Igomene Joseph, February 5, 2014 <3

I had a white dove appear to me at of nowhere one day last year in the middle of April. I was standing just outside my apartment door on a clear and beautiful day, just trying to place a phone call because the phone reception on the inside of my apartment was such that I couldn’t make or receive calls.  Where I lived was on the second floor in this cozy upstairs apartment called, Crystal Lakes Apartment. While I was standing near the guard rails this all white, beautifully elegant dove appeared just a few feet away from me. First I thought it was odd that a bird would just fly next to human for no good reason. 

Obviously something was wrong with it, I thought to myself. Perhaps, I guessed, it was hungry and needed rest or food. Nevertheless I happen to have some breadcrumbs from a leftover loaf of bread I had inside and went to get it. I placed it in my hand as I watched this all white bird creep ever and ever so close and just began eating right from my hands. I was a bit surprised. Thinking that after it had eaten it would fly away but it stayed around. I said to myself, "Something must definitely be wrong with this bird!" It was so beautiful though! Next thing I knew this same beautiful dove flew right atop my head. Not sure why it did that, but I didn't mind since I love birds. So, while this all white, pretty as an angel dove perched itself on the crown of my head, I said to myself, let me see what it will do once I started to walk back in the apartment ever so calmly. If I told you that it stayed there, you wouldn't believe me. But the truth of the matter it did. I walked in the apartment then closed the door behind me as to not startle it. Thinking this was so cool, and no one's gonna believe if I told them this, I grabbed my MetroPCS camera phone and took several pictures. (Dove is featured in the photo)

Anyway, while the dove was in my apartment it just sat on my head and wouldn't fly away. Not sure about the bird, but this certainly was a rare experience for me. Then I got a bit nervous thinking that at any damn minute I know that this bird is going to s**t right on my head and I had just finished washing my dreadlocks that I’d been growing since the year 2,000. Well it moved from head right onto my right shoulder. "Why wasn't this bird afraid of me?" I wondered. "Who did it belong to?" I asked myself. "What made it come to me just out the blue like that?” my curious mind wanted to know. Well, none of those questions the dove never bothered to answer or explain. Nevertheless, I set up a perch for it to rest as I deliberated on what I was going to do next. As soon as I walked away, the dove flew right on my head again and again.

I was anxious. “Should I keep it, should I not?” I went back and forth in my mind as I paced my apartment floor on what I should do. “If it came to me freely, who am I to keep it captive?” I questioned to myself.  So one mind told me to call my father and so this I did. I went back out to dial his number and the dove in tow. Pushing the dial on the phone the phone rang. I called and explained excitedly what had transpired.  “Dad!” I said. (Dad, being a Haitian medicine man of sorts, he would either tell me what it means or what he suggests I do with it.) “This all white bird just came to me, does it mean anything?” All he could say, “Son, it’s a sign from God!” Well, I came to the same conclusion then hung up the call. Then I went back inside and contemplated my decision some more. I even went outside again the very same evening to show off this my new “pet” of mines. I showed it off to some neighbors of mines after I explained how I got it. They were amazed and so was I.

A young scrawny Black kid in the apartment complex noticed the excitement. He asked, “Where did you get that dove, sir?” I said, “He just flew next to me from out of nowhere.” He asked, “How do you know it’s a he? “It could be a she!” he proclaimed. “You right kid, it could be.” The next word from this 14 year old kid was “Are you the chosen one?” I said, “Huh?!” Like I didn’t even hear him. He yelled the question out again louder, “Are you the chosen one?!!” “What made this kid ask me that?” I pondered. I asked, "What made you ask, kid?" He said, "You know, from the movie, "The Golden Child” with Eddie Murphy. Nevertheless, I calmly said no, but I knew otherwise. Kidding, of course!

Well, after much deliberation I finally decided since the dove came to me freely, I was under no obligations to keep it. So after 7 days of keeping me company, I made the heart-breaking decision to let it go. Before doing so I said…”If it was meant to stay, it would return.” But, it never did and till this day I still look upward for this all white angel-like dove that gave me a lasting impression on something spiritual or something oddly coincidental. 

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